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Heather Roth Fine Art Photography

Vintage St. Louis Wedding Film

I love a good wedding film - plain and simple. But this little beauty from Lovebirdstudios takes that love to a whole new level. Captured in a true vintage, 8mm style, the end result is nothing short of stunning. Set aside 3 1/2 sweet minutes and enjoy! [iframe 600 338]...


Colorado Mountain Wedding from Lovebird Studios

If I have one regret from my wedding day it would be not hiring a cinematographer. Anyone else? Since I got married before the days of SMP and all things wedded chic, I had no idea how special  a highlight film can be. I reach for the tissues multiple times a day over couples I don't even know, but when the cinematographer is as great as Lovebird Studios and the couple is as sweet as Meredith and Ben, who can blame me?


Missouri Wedding from Austin Warnock Photography

I grew up smack dab in the middle of the Midwest so whenever a farm wedding like this comes my way, I feel right at home. But before you write this off as another uber rustic shindig, let me assure you this is not your average farm wedding. It's the farm wedding elevated to a new level of sophistication and style with every color in the pastel rainbow and enough lace to make a wedding lover weep. Find all of Austin Warnock's ...